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Harms & Sons Excavation, LLC are a family owned excavation company that is a full service excavating service for residential or commercial properties in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado! Whether you need an excavation service, septic service, land or property services, our team of experienced excavation contractors will are perfect for the project! When we provide our services, you will find that our professionalism and communication are what you need for a successful outcome. Call us today; we are happy to help!

Septic Services

With the Septic Services that Harms & Sons Excavation, LLC offers to residential or commercial properties is done remarkably. Starting with the site assessments and inspection, then we will install, repair, upgrade or even replace the septic tank or septic pump that is required. If you are experiencing an emergency with your septic tank or septic tank, we can help you any time of the day! The septic tank or septic pump systems that we provide our services to are guaranteed to be durable and long lasting because we invest the proper time and efforts towards ensuring your septic system is in tip=top shape!

Site & Property Services

Harms & Sons Excavation LLC are the experts at site and property services when you are looking for a land and property development company. We specialize in mapping and the layout for utility lines such as water, sewage or plumbing, gas, electric, and communications. Also, we offer stump removals and stump clearings, shrubs, bush, tree and foliage services for any residential or commercial properties! From start to finish, we will guide you through every step of the site and property services, so you understand what is going on at all times. Our site and property services will ensure customer satisfaction every time!

Extensive Excavation Experience

With having over 45 years of extensive excavation experience, Harms and Sons Excavation, LLC is the top leading excavation contractor for residential or commercial properties. Our excavating services include site assessments, trenching, recycling (vehicle pick up), grading, leveling, digging, piling, permitting, inspections, and site developments for any size property. Once we begin the excavation project, you will be thoroughly informed about the entire process of what is going on with your property. You can trust that we will provide unbeatable excavation services in a fast, affordable and reliable for every customer!

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free in home consultation, please give us a call at 970-531-7589.